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19th Sep 2009, 00:34
I started playing the game without signing into "windows live," so my saved game was under a made up username. Then, I see that there is DLC, so I decide to create a windows live account and sign on. Now I can no longer access the saved game data, because every time I start up the game it tells me to sign into windows live and that's just the new profile I created in order to access the DLC (which didn't even work...stupid thing had an error and wouldn't download. Then there's like 923094 possible problems and solutions...why can't I just download an exe file and install? Such a hassle...).

Any ideas how to access my saved game data that isn't associated with a windows live account? Thanks.

p.s. Windows live seems like a huge pain in the ass to get it working. First it had to update itself, now it doesn't do anything...except spew trailers and updates, which I could download using a browser at my leisure without a special program.

19th Sep 2009, 00:36
You 'might' be able to browse your my docs folder and drop the save file from the offline profile into the online profile.

Not tried it myself, but worth trying i figure.

19th Sep 2009, 00:42
Thanks for the suggestion. Only problems is that I don't even know where the data is at. Each saved data file is just a random bunch of numbers/letters and there's no difference in file size or anything. For some brilliant reason the title of the file is not the same as the userid I gave it.

19th Sep 2009, 01:11
Wow, I think what happened is this: I created an offline profile. Then, once I decided to create an online profile, windows live updated itself, and deleted my saved game data. Piece.of.sh1t. I was around 30% done. Sigh...yay for anti-piracy bullsh1t that screws over people who actually pay for the game.

19th Sep 2009, 01:26
I have just had the same problem, been playing for about 4 hours and udated it and now I cant access my game. I have tried reinstalling it and putting the save file in the online profile and again in an new offline one but it hasn't worked. Its a good game but I don't really want to have to play the start of it all again!

I hope some one can help.

19th Sep 2009, 01:34
I called Windows Live support. Apparently, we're screwed. The stupid program deletes your offline saves when you update it. What a brilliant clusterfck. The very program used to save your game, deletes your saves when you update it.

19th Sep 2009, 01:38
Why didn't they put a warning when the helpful little box pops up and says 'would you like to update there's much better stuff avaible online blah blah blah......'
Thats just annoyed me!