View Full Version : Installation of Patch

Carpet Overland
18th Sep 2009, 18:08
I've just got the game today and installed it fine. When the game starts it automatically detects my GFWL account and says press home to access GFWL.

What I need to know is how do you apply the patch. I downloaded the patch version that was linked to in one of the posts on this forum. I was about to manually patch the game and then wondered if there was a more appropriate procedure for this.

The actual game does not seem to give me a option to download anything as it immediately comes up with start new game options.

I also download the add on challenge map pack via GFWL and wondered how I apply this to the game also.

18th Sep 2009, 18:14
If you applied the patch you downloaded from another source, SFWL won't prompt you to do so a second time.