View Full Version : Combos with no manual?

18th Sep 2009, 14:41
Loved the game, having lots of fun until I got to Bain. I can't seem to get more than one combo and so I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong. Does anyone know of any videos that show how to perform a counter or block or get more than a single hit on Bain before he smacks you down? The game seems so customized for consoles that the control system seems counter intuitive for a PC. Steam offers no downloadable manual... am I missing something? As someone that usually never plays fighting games the fighting aspect of the game is like being a fish in a desert... HELP!!!!!

18th Sep 2009, 14:44
As he charges you, batarang him and dive out of the way. Do this until his health drops one segment and then punch him a few times and see what happens.

18th Sep 2009, 14:46
I wasn't sure what to do at first but i soon worked it out.

If your really stuck have a look on youtube for the bain fight.

Ace Antilles
18th Sep 2009, 16:30
You can get the manual here.

But I don't think it will help your problem much.

18th Sep 2009, 17:28
In the beginning of the game they mentioned something about throwing a Quick Batarang...try that.