View Full Version : Chaning Bsmoothframerate=False wont stay?

18th Sep 2009, 05:57
First off, i bought the game from Walmart. so this is not a cracked or leaked copy of the game.

As in all games made with the Unreal Engine, in the BmEngine.ini (in my documents) and DefultEngine.ini (in program files) there's a config called Bsmoothfps=True then max and min settings.

I HATE this setting because its kinda like having v-sync. Instead of my computer waiting for the frame to sync with my monitors refresh rate, it just puts a cap on the frame rate. even though at some parts of the game it will not be at 62 FPS (the max bsmoothframerate setting) with it on, it still seems to chug or no feel right compared to it off

well last night i went into the BmEngine.ini and changed the setting to False. worked fine. was nice and smooth and everything went good.

now today i started the game up i noticed that the setting in the BmEngine.ini file changed. went back to True. and now i can't seem to get it to stay False.

I noticed that DefaultEngine.ini has the same bsmoothframerate= command in it so i thought that i would change that. its a read only file so i did was made a new one and called it Defultengine2.ini then deleted the original one and then renamed it to DefaultEngine.ini so both files are set to False but THE DAMN BmEngine still reverts back to True.

How can i get this setting to stick so i can enjoy this awesome game without that damn smoothframerate setting on.

Thanks :)

My computer settings are:
E6750 at 3.5ghz
4GB's of DDR2 1066 corsair dominator
Evga 285GTX FTW edition

all settings on high (physX set to higest) Ambient occlusion set to off.

27th Sep 2009, 05:27
I noticed the same thing, I keep changing the anisitropic filter from 4x to 16x in the BmEngine.ini file and it stays for a while but will eventually change back to 4x. It may have something to do with loading the launcher instead of just using the shortcut to go straight into the game. one way around (I've not tested this) would be, once you are happy with your settings, to make the file read only.

27th Sep 2009, 06:40
u have to make the config files "read only"

or else theyll just channge back once u launche the game.

i managed to make it stay by setting it to FALSE in 3 diff config files.

first one is in
-Documents\Eidos\Batman Arkham Asylum\Bmgame\Config\

the file in there would be the "BmEngine.ini"
change the setting to false there and then set the config file as "read only"

now go to where u installed the game . cause there are two more config files wer Bsmoothframerate is in.

in default they would be in

C:\Program Files\Eidos\Batman Arkham Asylum\BmGame\Config

and in
C:\Program Files\Eidos\Batman Arkham Asylum\BmGame\Config

after changing it to false in all those 3 config files.
set them all to "read-only"

after that u wont be able to change anything
no graphics settings nothing.
nothing will change in it unless u uncheck them as read-only files