View Full Version : Sound bug?!

18th Sep 2009, 00:50
hello to all,just a moment ago i fixed my game by apllying the last patch correctly,having super slow performance,but now its ok,yeah great,but one thing remains,i got some sort of sound stuttering.with some strange annoying sounds ,and this happens only with PhysX on(lol?)
if somebody know the isue and can help il be grateful
and yeah sry for bad eng

18th Sep 2009, 01:45
You have to give us more information. What are your system specs? (I suspect you probably have older hardware that can't run the game with the settings as high as you have them set, and thus your computer is 'chugging' repeatedly, causing the sound to pause as it tries to keep up.)

18th Sep 2009, 04:20
9800gx2 quad sli + one more
4gb ddr3 ocz reaper 1600
win xp