View Full Version : Enemies holding their heads?

17th Sep 2009, 21:58
I love this game so far, almost everything about it is great. There is one thing that bugs me tho.. Whenever I kill an enemy or finish them off with basic combat I notice that as they are dying they basically hold their heads. Does this change later on, or is it like this the whole game?

17th Sep 2009, 22:08
Its like this the whole game.. Actually it doesn't even matter in which way you'll kill them they will still hold their heads.. it gets a bit annoying sometimes

17th Sep 2009, 23:34
I hope in a future patch that they add more animations or something then randomize it. That would make it a bit better atleast. Everything in the game is perfect so far for me, except this.

Kevin =]
18th Sep 2009, 02:38
sometimes they know which kinds of hits you make like a punch to the stomach, they know that and they only hold their stomach but for everything else they just hold their heads, and i agree with you it just gets annoying sometimes. even when you pull them off a rail with the batclaw, while in mid air they hold their heads lolol

18th Sep 2009, 04:02
Lol yeah, I remember how many times I kicked a on the shoulder, from behind, the legs, and they still end up having a headache in the end, so hilarious:nut:

I was really expecting something about Physx. I thought it would mean enemies will react to where you hit them and their "skeleton" will react accordingly, and not just have canned animations involving a headache lol:nut: