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17th Sep 2009, 18:43
I bought this game yesterday, and I have to say it's incredibly fun and the story is entertaining as well. I especially love the fact that you guys got the voices from the old animated series, which I used to watch all the time when I was younger. I never knew Mark Hamill (sp?) was the joker voice! That's awesome.

I'm also happy that it runs so well on my machine. I'm used to having to upgrade almost every year when a new game comes out, but my Core 2 duo and 8800gt run this thing great at 1680x1050 on high.

I don't buy many pc games. Maybe 2-4 a year, but this one is definitely worth the money. Nice work.

Batman The Trailer Hunter
17th Sep 2009, 19:07
Your thoughts are appreciated, dont forget to download the new free DLC

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