View Full Version : People considering purchasing Batman Arkham Asylum digitally on PC beware!

17th Sep 2009, 04:18
I realize there is a pc section of this forum but I felt compelled to warn people about this here.

I noticed yesterday after downloading Batman through Steam that there was an activation pop up after the game downloaded. Not being happy about this I inquired over at the Eidos forums about how many activations we got. Not only was I informed there are only 3 activations, but I was informed that we either need to download the tool to deactivate the installs or run a command to deactivate our install. The reasoning behind this was because that only the digital releases have an activation limit (yes you read that correctly) so Steam and D2D don't automatically include the application to deactivate installs.

A mod over in the pc section and I have been talking about this and here is my lastest post on it:

Jay as someone who bought the PS3 CE and the pc version I am sorry but this is some BS. So let me get this straight this is no obtrusive DRM (limited activations are intrusive, don't try to tell me they aren't) on the retail disc release of this game, yet there is on the digital releases? What kind of backwards decision is that?

Steam already is a form of DRM, so limited activations weren't needed. The disk based version on average is far more likely to get pirated especially without any true DRM attached to it. So why are you screwing customers that buy it digitally?

Please tell me there are plans to remove at least the limited installs down the line? I buy games on Steam to avoid software like securom as I think it sets a bad presedence that you are esentially acting like the average pc user would never need to activate the software more than 3 times. I can revoke this software no problem, but working in the IT field and having worked in the consumer market I have seen many people that would need more than 3 actvations and couldn't follow these instructions. It's a terrible bussiness decision to attatch this type of DRM to any Steam release.

It is my fault for not researching this but if this is the case if Eidos and Rocksteady release another Batman game I won't be getting it for PC, just for consoles. I realize piracy is a big issue but In my opinion DRM like this does nothing but hurt pc gaming. Plus on top of that the UK gets a CE for the pc version.

So yeah if you don't want to hassle with activations and such get the DVD version of the game.

17th Sep 2009, 14:42
Plus on top of that the UK gets a CE for the pc version.

Why would you want another CE in the first place? Besides, the UK CE isn't as good as the US CE apart from the case - it's like a bruce wayne briefcase.

17th Sep 2009, 16:21
A friend of mine got his B:AA UK PC CE and is already declaring it a waste of money, because apparently the only way he can actually get it to work is not to use GFWL,and then he can't save any progress.

I told him to hock the Batarang on eBay, but as it's now tied to his GFWL account he can't even sell the damn thing (the damn thing being the game). Nice going Eidos