View Full Version : Do you listen to music while you play? What kinds?

17th Sep 2009, 03:24
Strangely enough, I enjoy hearing Melody Gardot sing while I'm playing. Go figure.

The Batman Begins soundtrack is also pretty good and more appropriate, I suppose...

17th Sep 2009, 04:02
I have no idea why I did this, but I thought that atmosphere was too dark at one time, so I fired up Franz Ferdinand and some Modest Mouse and it made the experience more fun.
I'm back to serious as stone Bats, though.

(LOL listening to Take Me Out while FreeFlowing...)

17th Sep 2009, 04:12
lol that funny cause I like to play Metallica Cyanide and enter sandman when I do combat :)

But I played some Pink Floyd Dark Side in the mansion and it was pretty cool ;)

Joke's on you
17th Sep 2009, 04:24
Anything by AC/DC, you can't go wrong.

17th Sep 2009, 04:36
I have no idea why I did this, but I thought that atmosphere was too dark at one time, so I fired up Franz Ferdinand and some Modest Mouse and it made the experience more fun.
I'm back to serious as stone Bats, though.

(LOL listening to Take Me Out while FreeFlowing...)

:thumb: to Franz Ferdinand. You might try the Boxer Rebellion too.

17th Sep 2009, 08:29
i listen to the Darrk Knight theme song on a constant loop.

17th Sep 2009, 08:38
During the story mode I tried to savor every bit of it... so didn't want anything else playing in the background... Same for the predator maps.

But for the Combat Challenges... Some Stooges, Oasis. A lot Stone Roses because I just got the 'Best of'

A lot of 60s Garage rock and 70s punk is what I normally play to.

17th Sep 2009, 08:46
nine inch nails

The fragile especially "no you don't" awesome song to kick ass to

17th Sep 2009, 11:34
Lady Gaga.

*Krumps so much*


Solomon Grundy
17th Sep 2009, 11:49
The Beatles for some reason. It actually went well with it.

17th Sep 2009, 13:04
Anything by AC/DC, you can't go wrong.

Damn straight!

Scare gas
1st Dec 2009, 03:42
skillet, undead hollywood or Eminem...lol

Batman The Trailer Hunter
1st Dec 2009, 15:11
Some Demon Hunter for fooling around and The Dark Knight soundtracks for the insane night dlc

1st Dec 2009, 16:31
As I said last time this thread came 'round, I listen to the game's music :p

"I know! Craaazy!"

1st Dec 2009, 20:46
Whenever Bats gets in a fight i put on Bodies by Drowning Pool or the classic Danny Elfman Batman Theme

1st Dec 2009, 23:01
I always listen to the game's music. There's some great stuff on it that really builds the tension.

There's been a lot of times though where I'll turn the music off completely. You'd be surprised at how much that puts you in the moment. Think about it - you're experiencing a tense, possibly threatening, moment in real life. You go to handle the situation. Does music magically play while you're doing it? ;)

2nd Dec 2009, 11:13
Wanted Dead or Alive, Back in Black, Smooth Criminal and Bad to the Bone.

2nd Dec 2009, 13:54
TOOL - Rosetta Stoned from 10,000 Days or the entire album... or even Lateralus then some uh, Batman music (from Batman: Gotham Knight and others)

Raged Fist 92
6th Dec 2009, 01:04
Anything by AC/DC, you can't go wrong.

beautifully said. and yeah i have all kinds playing. anything from the 60s through now

6th Dec 2009, 02:07
Anybody ever try any classical music?As smooth as the fighting is,it seems like it would synch up in an almost choreographed way.

7th Dec 2009, 04:25
I made a playlist of appropriate tracks from Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Batman and Batman Returns. IT IS THE BEST. The game music is ok. But the music from those movies revs you up sooo much. Especially when you get a moment where what you're doing in the game syncs up beautifully with the music. It's just epic.

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7th Dec 2009, 14:49
I don't listen to music while I play games (the in-game music does that).

But when I do listen to music, it's any classic rock or metal from the 70s and 80s really.

AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Diamond Head, Dio, Elixir, Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mercyful Fate, Metallica, Motley Crue, Motorhead, Queen, Rainbow, Saxon, Thin Lizzy, Twisted Sister, UFO.

I just hate any modern music. :lol:

We Are The Archers
7th Dec 2009, 18:17
skillet, undead hollywood or Eminem...lol

Fail :mad2:

Hollywood Undead* lol they're really good!

13th Dec 2009, 19:25

The Comedian
14th Dec 2009, 12:27
Vespertilio - Batman Begins

This is indeed awesome when playing.

14th Dec 2009, 12:27
My first playthrough, and on some of the challenge maps I didn't. Then it started to get a little dull, so I added my music in. This was/is my "Arkham Asylum Setlist" [For some reason it was only these songs, made the game even more interesting]

Egypt Central - Just Another Lie, Push Away, The Way, Different

Adelita's Way - Invincible

Our Lady Peace - One Man Army, Is Anybody Home?

14th Dec 2009, 13:39
Music from the game.

A mixture of the OST's from the movies.

And, the OST to Aliens (James Cameron one)... trust me, it works :D

14th Dec 2009, 15:04
Well, it depends i mostly get all the songs I listen to from the medical show "House" (which IMO is the best show in the world).

14th Dec 2009, 20:14
joker and the thief in the night - wolfmother
Are you gonna be my girl? - Jet
those two work really well.