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17th Sep 2009, 00:34
hey all,

i just bought the game and for some reason, everytime i first start the game, it will usually crash when the eidos logo thing is showing but sometimes if i hit "home" it will pop down the windows for games thing. then if i can get past this. i start a new game and every time i get to the gorden cut scene, it will freeze and i have to restart my comp. i have seen on here the problems people have with phzics (or however you spell it) but i have an ATI HD 4830 GPU so i dont think this is the problem. is this glitch fixable or will they need to release a patch?

17th Sep 2009, 00:53
ok so i just tryed started the game twice now and both times it would lock up on the eidos logo thing. couldnt even get to the main menu. does anyone else have this? they better make a patch for this cause i really wanna play this game.

17th Sep 2009, 00:56
This is a really, REALLY common problem. There is another thread discussing it further down. I'm assuming you have PhysX on. If you turn it off, it's reported you can get past the Gordon scene.

There's no solution yet. Make sure you patched the game (1.1) and then keep this thread bumped so maybe the devs can pay some attention.

17th Sep 2009, 00:59
ok firstly, how do you turn physics off if you have a ATI card, i dont know how

secondly, how do you patch the game? not sure how to do that either when half the time i cant get to the main menu


17th Sep 2009, 01:03
I missed you had an ATI card. The physX is turned off in the settings menu. It should be off if you have an ATI card - double check that. If you cannot get it to patch through windows live when booting the game, then you can download the patch from another source. There are some links in another post on this board.

17th Sep 2009, 01:55
ok, when your in the game, how do you download the patch from windows live?

17th Sep 2009, 11:20
Fe-man the patch is `pushed` onto you when you sign into Live. Press the Home key on the main menu.

Which version are you playing? Steam? Disc?

Steam are auto patched up to 1.1 you see

17th Sep 2009, 14:17

17th Sep 2009, 14:29
Okay next question..

Your My Documents folder, is it in the default location? or have you assigned it to another drive?

17th Sep 2009, 14:42
i believe its in the default. you can get to it throught the C drive

17th Sep 2009, 14:45
Okie, thanks for that.. *goes back to research issue*

17th Sep 2009, 14:47
thanks:), could you also explain why i cant get to the main menu most of the time?cause when happens is that the eidos logo will start then the popdown thing telling me that i can press "home" during gameplay to get me to WFGL. but most of the time, it will lockup there and i have to restart my comp. this is the biggest problem for me right now.

17th Sep 2009, 14:49
Really sounds like Live being your problem here. Can you try and play `not connected` to live.. log out, when it lets you.. it will warn you that you wont be able to save, but if you can get past Gordon this will be interesting test.

17th Sep 2009, 15:36
done this mate as said in other thread.

17th Sep 2009, 15:40
Dronuk i know you have, but am curious if others get same results as you when playing `not connected` to Live..

fe-man? have you had any success?

17th Sep 2009, 16:05
I have the exact same issue. Crash at the point where Gordon says 'Joker invades...'
I've tried with windows live off and on and with PhysX off and on and it crashed every time.

17th Sep 2009, 17:24
right now i just uninstalled it so im gonna see what happens when i reinstall it

17th Sep 2009, 18:41
Just did that and did nothing :(

17th Sep 2009, 19:23

i was having exactly the same problem like you, what i did was lowered my hardware acceleration as suggested in readme and deleted game intros (eidos logo on which you are craching) and a gordon scene, to do so you have to go to your batman folder > bmgame > movies and delete or cut the following files : legal.bik , legalus.bik , baa_logo_run_v5_h264.bik , warden intro.bik and joker escapes.bik. ( you will loose only one cutscene which you can watch on youtube :) )

after doing this i was able to play smoothly and game didnt crashed on any other cutscenes.

17th Sep 2009, 19:27
Could you be logged into GFWL and this work too???

17th Sep 2009, 19:42
yes, i had about 2-3 cutscenes and played for few hours, game didnt crashed.

17th Sep 2009, 19:45
i'm trying it right now, you sir could be a legend.

17th Sep 2009, 19:55
ok it now gets to what should be a cut scene with a guard stood there but crashes.

17th Sep 2009, 20:12
Dronuk i know you have, but am curious if others get same results as you when playing `not connected` to Live..

fe-man? have you had any success?

Even with GFWL completely signed up, I get the exact same Gordon Crash.