View Full Version : Scarecrow challenge map issue

17th Sep 2009, 00:20
I've scoured the forums for anyone else that's had this problem, but nothing's come up. My search fu may just be weak, but I'd really just like to get this fixed...

I pre-ordered my copy of AA and got my Dem Bones code just fine. I hit the marketplace and downloaded the map to give it a shot, and as the map is loading, it gives me this message:

"Missing or damaged downloadable content detected. If the content was on a Xbox 360 Memory Unit, please do not remove it during game play. If it is corrupt please download it again, or delete it using the Xbox Dashboard. Batman: Arkham Asylum will not return to the title screen.", along with the selectable option to Restart Batman: Arkham Asylum

I've gone into the harddrive and deleted the map (listed as "Villain Challenge Map" in the Arkham Asylum section... maybe I'm deleting the wrong thing?) and redownloaded it, but got the same error.

I've tried deleting the map, clearing the HD cache, and redownloading the file. Still the same error.

I've also tried installing the game to the HD. Again, same error.

Anybody else with a similar problem or a solution? I know it was free, but I'd still like to play it!

17th Sep 2009, 05:34
Nobody at all? I can't be the only person with this problem.

Any help or suggestions at all would be great. I'm really bored with the standard challenge maps!