View Full Version : WTF w/ DLC???

16th Sep 2009, 19:03
I was told that I'd get the Crime Alley and Villain's code with purchase from Gamestop and didn't get either? Where would I find them elsewhere? I called them and they of course have no idea what I'm talking about. Was told to email Warner Bros. !!:nut:

17th Sep 2009, 00:41
Far as I know EBGames/GameStop the bonus challenge map for pre-ordering is "Dem Bones" not "Crime Alley". Because I purchased mine from EBGames and I got my "Dem Bones" challenge map code with my copy. "Crime Alley" was only for Collector Editions if I recall correctly.

17th Sep 2009, 04:02
You are right. I have a friend that got the usual version on XBox and I paid him the difference to get the CE. I got the usual version on PC cause I didn't think you could get all the extra stuff. Thanks for jogging my memory!