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16th Sep 2009, 18:51
ok the game is awesome but I am stuck at the Plain of Spirits 1. :scratch: There are several other messages of people stopped at the same point in other forums and no conclusive answer so far. I've asked friends around and no one managed to pass it.

So here I come to THE forum of the creators :D

Please if you know 'how to', be as precise as you can. I made it through the first drawing then comes the second and no matter what I do nothing happens, no square appears (supposed to be cut afterward).
I tried to cover all the lines (gets pretty dark), respect the order of line drawing in Chinese... Tried it slowly, fastly....... No idea how it works.

Please before I go to sell the game :(

Thanks for your help !

16th Sep 2009, 18:55
Saw this answer :
but so far that didn't help very much and I can't have this box to appear. What has to be done in this puzzle except tracing the lines ?
Is there a bug in MiniNinja ?

Posted by moath21on Sep 11, 2009 8:24 am PT
How do I solve Plain of Spirits 1?
I cant seem to finish it, i first outline the first drawing, then the 2nd one shows up and i tried everything, nothing works, even switched to knife and cut, nadda. Anyone here know what to do?
Accepted Answer
Posted by NapalmHeroWolfon Sep 11, 2009 12:50 pm PT
You must draw the place, then a thin-lined-square will appear, you switch to the knife and cut that square with it, then a cloud will appear and the markings for a bridge drawit with the pen to cross (be careful of the cloud or you will have to start all over)