View Full Version : Zero Punctuation: Batman AA !!!

Matches Malone
16th Sep 2009, 16:02
YES!!! I was hoping for this!!!

Bill Lehecka
16th Sep 2009, 16:08
It's as positive as he can get, aside from gushing over Portal.

Matches Malone
16th Sep 2009, 16:10
Yes I hope everyone understands how rare it is that he actually says he likes a game. But I still don't understand how reviewers gripe about the Killer Croc battle I was very impressed with that section of the game.

16th Sep 2009, 16:23
100% fact. Except for the coverart I love.

This finally shows AA is as good as every review says it is. It also shows Yatzee and mass markets can agree on something. Although I believe he still considers Silent Hill 2 and Thief to be better games than this.

On the other hand, what if it was an RPG or RTS? He didn't doom this game like he does most of the games before he even started playing them. He also likes Batman. A few extra points for sure.

But this was one of the less fun reviews of his. Whether it's a good or bad thing.

Matches Malone
16th Sep 2009, 16:27
yeah it wasn't as funny as I was hoping it would be.

16th Sep 2009, 16:49
Holy Cape, Batman, Yahtzee LIKED a game!!! This is a rare one indeed!! Way to go Rocksteady & Eidos!

Turn and Face the Strange
16th Sep 2009, 16:50
"Press X to kick ass"

Damn right.

16th Sep 2009, 16:52
I did play the whole game in detective vision (except when the game arbitrarily decided that Detective Vision has an off switch that happens to activate whenever you takedown someone)

I fully agree with the autorun thing. those walking sections are the most tedious parts of the game, I severely hope they patch the ability to skip the intro into the PC version at some point.

fatal shadow
16th Sep 2009, 16:53
I'm not familiar with this reviewer. So this was one of his less funnier reviews?


I was laughing throughout the whole vid. (though I disagree with him on the cover and Batman being the least interesting)

17th Sep 2009, 05:47
I do agree with him on the cover. I just thought it could have been a bit more... batmanny. I dunno. I guess it's alright, just not the most memorable. Though most games aren't.

17th Sep 2009, 06:33
Well I am definatly getting it now I hold his opinion quite highlt

17th Sep 2009, 07:05
He liked a game, that mean it will be GOTY, it has happened before, basically the only game he loved last year...Fallout 3

17th Sep 2009, 07:41
I haven't seen all of his reviews, but the only games I've seen he praise are Fallout 3, Saints Row 2 and this.

Ensanguined Walls
17th Sep 2009, 09:44
Sounds like an 8/10 to me.

He said that the boss fights weren't very exciting, in addition to the ending being a bit too "Batman saves the day with no visible consequences!" predictable. He also commented on how lackluster some of the dialogue was, as it seemingly relied on cheesy one-liners to carry tense moments. I do agree with his viewpoints on that, though. I groaned during the "Joker happened!" line, in addition to "I eat these guys for breakfast"...

He also said that the Titan battles were repetitive.

Larcenous Laugh
17th Sep 2009, 10:06
I need some bat-anti-thing spray... now.

17th Sep 2009, 10:47
He liked Thief: The Dark Project, too.

17th Sep 2009, 11:12
Rocksteady, you can go get drunk now.

17th Sep 2009, 13:47
He liked Thief: The Dark Project, too.

And Silent Hill 2. Silent Hill is everywhere in his reviews.

+1 point for Arkham Asylum for the "horror"