View Full Version : GFWL - im a little confused

16th Sep 2009, 15:54
So i thought id go do a bit of Batman Prepared-ness and join Games for Windows so i wouldnt have to join when setting up the game.

so i went to

Join Live

Then created an account using my Hotmail address

so i made an account but when i logged it it was all X-box related stuff... so have i just created an Xbox Live account or is it all the same...

First time i have bought a GFWL game... and the first PC game i have bought since a CSI in 2006... so this is all new ground for me.

16th Sep 2009, 16:56
it's the same account system, so you should be good!

16th Sep 2009, 17:35
oh good... with all these cd-keys and limited installs, i dont dare get it wrong when i try load it for the first time.

On that note, i got an email from GAME.. its on its way yay... come on Posties hold off your strike for one more day