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16th Sep 2009, 14:07
I was running around Arkham with my PhsyX turned up to max and noticed this was written on one of those pieces of paper that you can kick around:


It says:
"Dear Sir/Madam:

I'm writing to inform you that your relative is loopy and will be confined to some inhumane floating cage in some creepy dungeon.

You have no legal resource in this decision and may be liable for all the costs incurred for the treatment of your psychotic family member.

Best regards from all of us at Arkham Asylum rehabilitation services.

Have a nice day.

The Joker & Pals"


16th Sep 2009, 14:10
The attention to details is pretty amazing in this game.. Aside from Batman's costume showing damage, has anybody else noticed his Beard stubble? It gets progressively longer as you go along... Nice touch!!

16th Sep 2009, 14:15
wow, thats pretty cool that they would go into detail that much.

16th Sep 2009, 14:16
I have not noticed the stubble, but I did notice that my face has a cut and my knees are really dirty(not sure if it has anything to do with crouching, which I do A LOT).

16th Sep 2009, 15:23
ha, yea i looked at that letter when i saw it pinned against in the office where the joker was, in the demo.

good stuff