View Full Version : Invisible Predator Trophy?

16th Sep 2009, 11:02
I just beat Silent Knight with all Silent Takedowns, and I get nothing.... wtf.

16th Sep 2009, 11:38
Were you detected/shot at during the challenge? Even if you take them all down with silent takedowns, if you are spotted and shot at during the challenge you will not get that trophy.

16th Sep 2009, 22:59
Try not to alarm the guards and take them out as quickly as possible. If a guard detects someone that you left unconcious, try and take him down before he calls the other guards. What I did in Silent Knight was this:

Started from the guard in the corridor up above. Grappled on the corridor and waited for him to almost get to the end of it, near the stairs. Takedown (1st one!).
Then, I quickly went behind the two guards on the side (above the exploding floors). As I took one down (2nd one!),
the collar of the 1st one started to alarm and Joker said to the other guards that someone is missing. I quickly took down the guard that was with the 2nd one (3rd one!).
Then I grappled on the corridor and waited there for a guard to go and check for the 1st one. When he passed me, I climbed up, got behind him...Takedown (4th one!).
I did the same for the next one. I climbed down and hanged on the ledge of the corridor. Guard comes up to check, passes by, climbed up, got behind him...There goes another one (5th one!).
The last one was relatively easy. He is the one that stands always in front of the exploding wall. Grappled over the gargoyles, dropped in the room behind him, waited for the right time...takedown (6th one!).

That's it! Hope I was helpfull...and not confusing. I don't know if there is an easier way, but that's just how I did it :D