View Full Version : Localization problem

16th Sep 2009, 08:36
I bought the game and it's amazing. But I have a problem. My language it's not in the game. I was run through the *.int files in the localization directory, and I didn't found the in-game subtitles, just the cinematic's subtitles and the "environments" texts. I want to translate the game to hungarian language to the hungarian gamers. Lots of texts in the game, and just a little percents of the hungarian gamers speaks english. If I can make a translation to the game, maybe the sales will go better, because the hungarian gamers loves to play games in their own language.
Please help me to localize the game in 100%. I made lots of translations for other games, and the gamers likes it, because I make qualitative translations. I also realized not all the hungarian letters supported by the game (ő and ű letters). Maybe anyone can help me in this. I just need some tool to dump out the in-game subtitles from the game's packages, and a way to put it back. Maybe a font tool too, then I can make a 100% localization to the amazing game for our gamers.

Please help me in this for the gamers.