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16th Sep 2009, 05:20
Just bought the game. Its prob the best looking game i have ever seen, graphically. I have a prob with Games for windows live. I try to sign in, it takes about 1 min. then says "Cannot connect Invalid Key" with the options try again and cancel. It does this every time I try to connect. It sees the gamer tag I have had for about a year now with Fallout 3, GTA4 and every other games I have, and correct gamer score. It even shows Batman: AA under My Games with the score I have up to this point. But I cannot download updates or anything. Is there a way to fix this. The Games for Windows Live forum is a joke, no real place to submit a post in the right place.

16th Sep 2009, 06:06
Nevermind, I think I had a tweak from Fallout Modd Man. (FOMM). Installs a fake xlive.dll. This was copied from the description.

Installs a fake version of the games for windows live dll
Prevents fallout from loading the real xlive.dll at all, and enables some extra code patching options that require disabling g4wl's hash checking
Improves program startup time, and possibly fps
Do not use if you use DLC or want achievements
Additional code patching options can be accessed by clicking 'settings'
The save games associated with g4wl profiles can still be accessed by clicking settings and using an offline profile

16th Sep 2009, 07:30
Hmm yeh if you want the game to work its best not to be messing with MS's systems. Reason GFWL forums not best place to post is that you would probably incur the wrath of MS for trying to bypass their systems:)

16th Sep 2009, 10:56
GFWL shouldnt be their main concern, although they should tear it down and start from scratch. Maybe they should try that with Vista, there is too much BS running in the back ground. Hope 7 is better.

16th Sep 2009, 11:01
Windows 7 is a LOT better. i've got final RTM version installed and been running legimately since they released it to us.. So much smoother and better experience