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Ace Antilles
15th Sep 2009, 22:26

NVIDIA PhysX Hardware Acceleration Support

Acceleration is supported on all NVIDIA CUDA enabled processors with at least 256MB local memory and 32 bit processors. Both single and multi-GPU configurations are supported. This game features state of the art graphics and PhysX features and as such is best enjoyed on a high performance system.

To enjoy the highest resolutions with all features the recommended configuration would be a GeForce GTX260 for graphics complemented with a GeForce 9800GTX or higher dedicated for PhysX, GTX280 or higher is recommended for single GPU operation.

To enjoy PhysX GPU acceleration on Windows 7 all add-in graphics cards have to feature NVIDIA GPUs. Mixed Vendor graphics will result in all the PhysX simulation being performed in software on the CPU and performance will be not optimized and in some cases too slow for playability.

Please note on occasions that the combined graphics and physics load exceeds the system capabilities, the game will gracefully reduce the amount of simulation occurring – this may be seen as frozen paper and disabling some of the particle effects. This can be overcome by upgrading your system or reducing some of the graphics settings.

PhysX Acceleration on the AGEIA PPU is not a recommended or a supported configuration for this game title.

Performance is optimised for the default settings, in extreme cases slow down or instability may occur if these are set beyond your recommended specification

The Coca Cola Company
15th Sep 2009, 22:27
This is also written in the readme in the disc.