View Full Version : Dem-Bones Challenge map (Combo question)

15th Sep 2009, 21:15
Seems like Canadians in the west got screwed with the game. All of the local shops said that they'd get Batman next week yet I found one copy at my local EB games. Funny thing is that that's was the first copy in, last copy out. They only had 3 copies left which were reserved for pre-order and they wouldn't be getting any until next week.:eek:

Other than that, I found a code for Dem-bones challenge map and am finding it interesting though I would've preferred a predator map.

One question I have though is the attack sequence. There are times when I cannot seem to hit the guys in a straight combo. I can get up to 14x in the first part of the game (Where joker escapes) but there are cases where Batman punches but it doesn't connect, hence, ruining the combo. Is there a menu to alter mouse sensitivity because I don't see it in there.