View Full Version : Starting up the Batman Editor

15th Sep 2009, 18:44
Does anyone know how to open the Unreal editor? I tried putting editor at the end of the target in the icon properties, but it didn't work..

15th Sep 2009, 18:53
Still waiting for my copy of BAA to be delivered today. However unless they have included a SDK pack with the CD/DVD I don't think editing will be a possibility.

15th Sep 2009, 18:59
I think it does come with the SDK, because in the " Batman: Arkham Asylum PC Discussion" description, it says that these threads would include community mod's for the game! so there has to be a way to access the engine! :P

15th Sep 2009, 19:23
Even still I think if there was there would at least be a separate installation setup routine for an editor. Like there was on the Unreal Tournament 3 Collectors Edition. Unless it was included as an option to install at the same time as the Game installation, Might have to check the CD for a separate editor setup installation file. Otherwise depending on the PC sales it might be a future DLC option.

15th Sep 2009, 19:40
hmm... maybe! It wasn't like that for Gears of War though! it installed both at the same time.. i guess its just one of those things we'll have to wait and see on...

15th Sep 2009, 19:44
the Unreal Editor was part of UT3, activated by the -editor command switch.

It won't open Arkham Asylum map files - they were made with a version newer than the one which shipped with UT3. not sure if there's a UEd patch out there or not

15th Sep 2009, 19:47
yeah, AA was built using unreal 3.5! that's pretty much the only reason why i got the PC version. :P

15th Sep 2009, 19:50
Yeah, I had tried importing the demo files a while back and saw the version number differences. Was hoping for a SDK pack that would include the patch for the UEd. Though I only looked very briefly online for a patch for UEd but didn't find one.

16th Sep 2009, 17:02
hmm... the game wouldn't work on other engines normally though. AA would work with UT3's engine editor! hmm... time to do a little investigating! :D