View Full Version : Trade 360 version for PC version?

15th Sep 2009, 14:41
I recently beat Batman: AA twice and got 100% with all achievements on the 360 version. I am still jonesing to play the crap out of the game. And can't wait for the DLC to be released this week! I seriously can't get enough of this game.

I played all versions of the game and especially like how good the PC demo looked on my computer. I was thinking about trading in my 360 copy and picking up the PC version. Just wondering what some of your opinions about that are?

15th Sep 2009, 14:49
the PC version is pretty cheap, so why not own both?

If it's either or, always go with the PC version (assuming you have a decent PC)

15th Sep 2009, 14:50
yeah my PC rocks. Can play everything max settings, physx on normal

15th Sep 2009, 14:51
Unless you can get very close to your purchase price for the 360 version, I would say just stick with that. The DLC is supposed to be the same between them all, so you won't be missing out. Unless you know someone who would buy the pc version for you and just do a trade, or would throw your copy up on ebay, you won't get near what you paid for it back.

just my 2 cents

15th Sep 2009, 22:11
Been there done that. :)