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14th Sep 2009, 22:58
Hey everyone.

I just bought the game today. The Demo ran fine on my system with the settings turned up high so i figured the game itself would be the same way. I had no issues at all with the demo. So i got home from Best Buy, uninstalled the demo, and then Installed the game. I got my LIVE account all set up, Logged in, and got into the game... and i got to a point where i could upgrade things and as soon as i went into the menu.... BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.

Thinking it was just something stupid with my pc. i shut it off. Let it cool off for a bit as it tends to get a little hot, made sure all my drivers were up to date again, and gave it another shot. Got past the upgrade point and thought everything was alright.. Then batman put his hand up to his head (I'm tryin to stay vague with this to not give spoilers away) and this time the game just shutdown and it gave me the whole "BMwhatever.exe has crashed" and it listed temp documents as the cause so i went to were it said the files were supposed to be and they didn't even exist.

So i kept trying time after time of playing it and it just keeps crashing in different points. Sometimes "Blue Screen 'O Death", and sometimes just the "BMwhatever.exe has crashed". Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem.

Here's an image of my PC Specs and my game settings if anyone can help me with some insight to my problems. Thanks for your time.


Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 Dual Core 2.6 GHZ
nVidia Geforce 9600 GT 512MB
SoundBlaster X-Fi Platinum
2 Gigs of Ram (Not sure what type anymore)
Using xBox360 Controller for windows

The game itself is version 1.0 of course LOL

The Coca Cola Company
14th Sep 2009, 23:05
A BSOD usually means a driver problem. Creative's sound cards tend to have such problems. Try upgrading X-Fi's drivers if you hadn't already.

Or it could be malware, faulty ram, overheating.

Ace Antilles
14th Sep 2009, 23:09
There are certain features still disabled on purpose in the game code. Like PhysX.
This is because the game was not supposed to be sold until the 15th at the earliest.

The mods have already confirmed that these should unlock 2moro, automatically I think.
It could be the cause of your issues or not. So you could give it another go 2moro and see if it improves.

Apart from that I suggest running and installing all the Windows Updates available to you.
For example SP2 is out and it may let you upgrade to that.
Also go to Nvidia.com and make sure you have the latest graphics drivers which help improve BAA.
Good luck :)

14th Sep 2009, 23:16
Yeah i had just installed the nvidia drivers this morning so thats all good. I'm re-installing the creative drivers right this second just to be on the safe side. And i'm gonna check on my windows updates after these drivers finish installing. after all that i'm gonna give it another try and if it doesn't work i'll wait till tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks for the ideas :)

Edit: Okay i reinstalled the creative drivers and went to windows updates and updated everything they had to offer for me but i didn't see anything about a Service Pack 2. So i went and searched for it on Microsofts site and they had 4 different options,

1. ISO for Windows Server 2008 x86/x64/ia64 and Windows Vista x86/x64

2. x86 for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista x86

3. x64 for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista x64

4. ia64 for Windows Server 2008 ia64

Now i know the last one isn't for me. The 1st one i take it is an Image file that covers everthing but i don't have any software for burning an iso file. I'm pretty sure i need to get the x86 version but i just wanted to check.

14th Sep 2009, 23:36
dont think this will help but when you say folder dosent exsist it may be a hidden folder.

to view all folders.click start and type "folder options" without the quotes.click on it then click on view and the 5th one down you can turn on hidden files.

14th Sep 2009, 23:43
Nah i was in the folder that it pointed to. it had other files in there just not the 3 that the crash error reported... i don't know if it might have been files the game creates and then deletes when you load it then exit it or not.

Ace Antilles
14th Sep 2009, 23:45

That should be the regular 32 bit Vista SP2 download.

14th Sep 2009, 23:48
Ah, Very cool, I appreciate it very much. I'll get it all installed and i'll let u know how it turns out :) Thanks again.

15th Sep 2009, 00:08
At the risk of sounding technically incompetent, isn't the Athlon 64 a 64-bit chip? If so, why are you running a 32 bit OS?

15th Sep 2009, 00:27
Next time it blue screens, take a picture and post it here.

No point in trying to help if we are doing it blindly.

15th Sep 2009, 02:13
Ok Got all my drivers up to date, Installed SP2 for vista, made sure there was no more windows updates..... and still


A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval.

Now does that have something to do with the AMD Dual Core Optimizer that comes on the Disc with the game?

as for Choronzonon question. I don't know anything about 64-bit software, and i really haven't had a need for exploring into it. I mean if it benefits me in any way my copy of Vista Ultimate came with a 64-bit disc as well so i had the choice of it, but i didn't see the need for it.... As much knowledge i have ... i can build a pc and keep it running, but with alot of other things that are more technical, i just dont know anything about them (Like 64-bit and apparently this new problem HA) and i don't try to pretend i know. So yeah if i'm making a mistake i gladly will take advice about it.

And here is the second crash that wasn't the blue screen but just the BMGame has stopped working.


And again i go to the folder it claims these txt files are and they do not exist.

15th Sep 2009, 10:18
have you also updated your chipset drivers?

15th Sep 2009, 10:19
Also there is the titleupdate which is trying to be live but there seems to be Live issues at the moment.. This update could help you

15th Sep 2009, 10:32
Yes, i updated my chipset driver when i had updated all my other drivers just to be on the safe side. Most of my drivers were easy to find. The only ones that gave me any trouble to get were updated nforce4 drivers as nVidia's website only deals with nforce5 and newer.

I waited up last night for a while to see if the Title update was gonna show up after midnight ( east coast united states) but gave up around 2:30 and went to sleep. And right before i left to come to work today i turned on the game and saw it had the update ready for download. and clicked to download it and it kept saying i wasn't logged into LIVE and to go to a website (i was too tired to remember where it said to go) but yeah i hope that does fix it jaycw2309. But i have 8 more hours to wait to find out :(

15th Sep 2009, 10:55
Live seems to be having issues at the moment. So its possible may not be back up yet.

15th Sep 2009, 11:16
wait you have a game and cant use physx? how is it remotely unlocked for you to use it after you purchase it? do all pc users have to get a live account to play?

15th Sep 2009, 11:32
The physx wasnt enabled until today, launch day. There is a titleupdate available via Live that gives you the update.

15th Sep 2009, 12:21
so your saying you could have sold the game ever since, and people could just have patched it later anyway to get physx?

15th Sep 2009, 15:29
Yea thats lame, physx should have been built into the game, what if u dont have internet or whatever ? its silly u buy the game but still u cant have physx until an update.

15th Sep 2009, 15:35
Now does that have something to do with the AMD Dual Core Optimizer that comes on the Disc with the game?

the Dual Core Optimizer is more for WinXP than Vista. the fixes that it brings are already included. uninstall it and see if that works

15th Sep 2009, 22:55
Alright so after all night of updating all my system drivers. I decided to Defrag my harddrive which took a long time to do. my internet was down when i got home from work so it wouldn't let me sign into LIVE of course. but it let me into the game and It worked completely fine. after 3 hours of playing it no crashes or blue screen of death. :) so once the patch is finished downloading i'll see if its still okay or not.

Edit: Okay so i installed the patch and i had to go to work but my brother has been playing it all night and said it only did the BSOD 1 time. And he practically has the game finished already so i can live with a once and a while BSOD. ( I Think its more my PC then the game causeing it) Thank you all for your help :) I really do appreciate it.