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14th Sep 2009, 22:41
I'm not sure whether it is programmed to do this or if it's a bad glitch.

I am playing the Xbox version of the game, and I'm currently on Day One. So far I have blackjacked the guard just outside Black Alley.

I then dragged him into the merchant's stall nearby, where the unconscious body of the merchant rested. I dumped him, continued on around to the entrance to the Docks.

Just north of this, I entered the building to rob the place, upon exiting, I found that there is now a guard with a bow walking a patrol.

I blackjacked him for convenience, and dumped him into the alley that leads to the open window of the aforementioned domicile.

I start back around the lower road, to see whether the previous guard had returned. I barely made it halfway before another guard with a bow starts towards me. So I blackjack him and drag him to the alley where the Keeper Door leads to the docks.

By the time I start back up along the road to where the well into the Pagan tunnels is, a new guard with a bow is there, BJ, drag into the alley, and the body of the first is gone.

This happened a few times. No sooner had I BJ'd a guard and dumped the body did a new guard or the same guard reappear on patrol route in my way.

So my question, basically, is are the guards in the city supposed to do this? Or is it just an annoying glitch. It's really a pain to try and sneak around when the guards keep coming back.

15th Sep 2009, 04:09
Yes, unfortunately the respawning is intended and not a a glitch. :(

15th Sep 2009, 14:51
I don't mind them respawning. But it's just sheer idiocy that they can respawn almost as soon as you blackjack them. There is just no sense in it.

If they were going to add something like that in, it should have at least given you some time before it happened. Like 10 minutes or so. But you don't even get that. By my estimation, it's barely 15 seconds before the same guard is back on patrol in your way.

There isn't even a plausible explanation for it. No stuff like guards muttering about lumps on their heads, or talking about this or that guard was found unconscious. They just snap back up and there they are.