View Full Version : Dojo Bluescreen

14th Sep 2009, 21:54
Whenever I start the game and head down to the dojo for my training, in the middle of the second battle (where they tell you how to jump attack) my computer gives me the blue screen. Understandably, this is rather limiting my experience of the game. I've tried reinstalling my video drivers and changing the resolution... any suggestions?

Lord HaxXxoR
16th Sep 2009, 22:06
normally, a blue screen is a bigger problem than only "video drivers".
simplyfied explantation: windows (not the game) tryed to do something, what caused a crash.

this can be for example:
- one/some system dlls are corrupt and the game tried to use it => Reinstall Direct X (mostly problem) or diagnostics tool (there is a lot of freeware out there)
- wrong driver installed => video, sound, mainboard chipsets
- can't read / write to memory or hard drive => diagnostics tool
- errorous CPU => diagnostics tool

i would try in this order:
- reinstall direct x
- lower sound accelleration (run dxdiag => sound)
- check all drivers
- reinstall the game
- download the demo and check if it runs without
- run diagnostics tool (i would use Tune Up Utilities Demo => Scan System & Defrag hard drive and a Memory Test Tool)