View Full Version : Problem with my Crime Alley map :(

14th Sep 2009, 00:51
Hello everyone i just bought Batman AA CE 2 days ago and i love it.But the moment i finished input the code in PSN>Redeem Code and press ok.Here what i got

The Code You Entered May Not Be Correct Or May No Longer Be Valid"

"Please Check Your Entries"

" X Back " (Mine copy of Batman Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition is a PS3 Version)

So i google search for anyone else who have this problem and fortunately i found this forums and i saw there was a lot of people who have this problem.I'm already did a search at every thread and read them through but i still can't solve my problem.:(

I sent a PM to Keir about my problem already.So while i'm waiting for him to reply what else you guys can suggest me? Help would be much appreciate.