View Full Version : Further delay on the PC version? Read on..

13th Sep 2009, 20:08
I was shocked when I surfed on a swedish retailer's site to find that the release date had been preliminary pushed forward to the 24th of September, on site's as Webhallen, CDON and the likes, all of them said 24/09/2009, I hope that this is some sort of sick joke or malfunction in the retailers site.

But it seems like Game in the UK or isn't affected by it (checked their site) Come friday I'll know if my fear was true or false, though I really want the game to come out. The demo is awesome and I cant wait to buy the game.

13th Sep 2009, 20:31
I usually don't trust the release dates on Webhallen and CDON, but since almost everyone is saying the same it's probably correct this time.

If it's delayed it's probably only for us, not the UK. Luckily I ordered my copy from HMV.

13th Sep 2009, 20:43
some admin can confirm this?

14th Sep 2009, 09:42

I have my pre-order at Webhallen... ****! I'm so close to canceling my PC order and just getting the PS3... so close

14th Sep 2009, 10:34
There is no delay to retailers in uk etc.. I cannot say for other country retailers however, but since its the same game worldwide its obviously not due to `code issues`. People do love to try and stir the jelly.

14th Sep 2009, 11:02
I got a confirmation notice that Amazon shipped mine yesterday.

14th Sep 2009, 14:54
Probably going to order via HMV too then :)

17th Sep 2009, 17:18
Webhallen shipped my pre-order copy today (getting it tomorrow), and it's available for purchase in their store now. so they were just messing with us by changing the date ;)