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13th Sep 2009, 06:03
Why is it that the only key I am unable to bind in the keyboard controls is jump or "space?" I play on the arrow keys and use ctrl for jumping. Is there a way to make this possible?!?!


15th Sep 2009, 02:42
Im playing using arrows too (more than 10 years playing with arrows) and this "block" on space is making my ninja be a retard.
I dont understant why we can bind all controls, but jump(space) no.

How can I change space bind?


26th Sep 2009, 04:07
I also play with arrow keys and mouse. And it was annoying to not being able to change it. But after some trial and error i found a solution that actually works. The answer to the problem was hidden in one of the .zip files inside the installation folder of the game. If you are not experienced with changing the content of files, or you are anxious to mess it up, i have uploaded a file with the changes allready applied.

You must click on the Button Kostenlos and on the next page on the button Datei downloaden to be able to download it.

If you are going to download and use it here is a little How-To.

Just copy this file into the folder where the game is installed. "C:\Program Files\Eidos\Mini Ninjas\Scenes\"

There is allready a file called frontend.zip If you are asked to overwrite the existing file then simply press yes.

Once you are done you can change the jump button from within the Main Menu of the game. There is also an Ingame menu where you can change your key configuration. If you want to alter the jump key from there - be warned - you cant. This button is still greyed out but it will be showing the jump key you set from the Main Menu. So, if you want to change the jump key again, then you would have to leave the running game, open the Main Menu and change the settings from there.

Other things like picking up stuff or talking to NPC is also keybind to your jump key. Which is by default the spacebar unless you change it of course. But having the Hints all over the place while playing, the game will tell you to press key X for picking up Y or talk to people, so dont worry.

If you dont trust me, which i totally understand since im just a newbie on these boards, or are worried that there are viruses inside the file i provide you with - here is a How-To which i hope you can follow. And hopefully you will be able to change and apply all the settings mentioned in my guide.

A word of advice before we begin!

Always make a backup of the file you plan to change and keep it in a save place. Just to make sure that if you make something wrong - you can copy it over so no harm is done. At one point you will have to change parts of a file which you can find in the folder "C:\Program Files\Eidos\Mini Ninjas\Scenes" The file i'm talking about here is called frontend.zip Before you start with this guide copy the file to a place on your desktop.

I'd also like to point out that your installation folder could be somwhere else on your harddrive. It mustn't necessarely be C:\Program Files\ it could just be C:\Games\Eidos\Mini Ninjas\ or anything else.

That said - let's get down and dirty, so to say. ;-)

1.) Open your explorer window and change to the directory "\Eidos\Mini Ninjas\Scenes"
2.) There you will find a file called frontend.zip which you can open by either using windows default unpacker - just double click on the file and it will open - or any 3rd party app like 7-zip or winrar.
3.) Inside the archive open a folder called menu
4.) There is a file called optionsmenu_frontend.xml
5.) Click and drag that file out on your desktop
6.) Open the optionsmenu_frontend.xml with your windows text editor
7.) Press String + F to find the following line of text

<GuiElement Template="ControllerLayoutEntry" Action="Jump" TextBlock="RM_Jump" Assignable="FALSE"/>

8.) Change "FALSE" to "TRUE" so that it looks like this

<GuiElement Template="ControllerLayoutEntry" Action="Jump" TextBlock="RM_Jump" Assignable="TRUE"/>

9.) Save the file by choosing Save as: optionsmenu_frontend.xml
10.) Drag the altered file back inside the archive frontend.zip to the folder menu
11.) Copy the altered frontend.zip back to C:\Program Files\Eidos\Mini Ninjas\Scenes
12.) Since the content of the file was altered you will be asked if you would like to overwrite the allready existing file - accept this choice and say yes
13.) If you have done everything right - Congratulations - you will be able to change the jump key from within the Main Menu of the game to whatever key you wish to bind it to.

I hope this little guide will be of help to anyone else running into this problem .


11th Oct 2009, 02:10
I can rebind jump, but I can't bind space to other action :(