View Full Version : Who wants Carlos to do The sequel?!

13th Sep 2009, 02:23
I want Carlos d'anda to do the art for the sequel or sequels. i love his art, and his versions of these characters, i hope he does, as well as puts em in the strategy guyide liek this games guide! :P he needs to be the offical game artist!

13th Sep 2009, 02:24
Mostly cus i want to see other batman characters in his design, Full body shots of course :P
plus well cmon hes friggin awesome. i wish hed do the batman comics lol or jim lee should come back n do em :P (comics that is).

13th Sep 2009, 03:56
Carlos D'anda is indeed a fantastic artist, and yes, I hope he returns to do artwork for the sequel. And maybe Jim Lee draw a Collector's Edition cover, as I'm curious how his take on the game's batsuit will look.

13th Sep 2009, 04:00
Carlos is sick, i hope he does the art/designs for the sequel.

13th Sep 2009, 04:01
Jim Lee.... He's the man.

13th Sep 2009, 04:10
Jim Lee does my favorite Batman/Superman.

Although for this game (series?), Carlos can stay on board for as long as he wants.

24th Sep 2009, 22:57
Yeah jim lees great, i love his work, but when it comes to the game series i wanna stay with carlos

door noob
24th Sep 2009, 23:24
Yes, I would like for Carlos to do the art for the seqeual. :D

25th Sep 2009, 00:13
I think D'anda did a great job in trying to do something similar but different with the characters, he would be nice to bring back just for consistency

26th Sep 2009, 09:19
I never understood what is it that makes Jim Lee so much loved. Most of his male characters are an unrealistical buff/handsome dude with perpetually gritted teeth. And nearly all of his female characters are Barbiedolls with air balloons in place of their breasts.
I don't like Jim Lee's style since it's really too cartoony; it may work fine for games like DC Universe Online, but it would be definitely out of place in games like Arkham Asylum.

Carlos made some interesting concepts. He too doesn't have a realistic style; but the explanations he gave me about why he made certain choices (i.e. giving the Joker a frankly impossible chin) have convinced me that he knows very well what he is doing. A lot more than Jim Lee.

26th Sep 2009, 10:00
I would like if they kept D'anda. If its not broken, why fix it as they say. :)