View Full Version : Meteor Storm trouble

12th Sep 2009, 23:18
Okay so I made it to the final boss battle and I didn't know what to do until someone told me I needed the meteor shower spell. So I figured out where the shrine was and went back and got it. After I got it I forgot to save at a checkpoint and just quit the game to skip ahead to the final boss battle so I could use it. When it loaded my spell wasn't there. So I went back and tried to get the spell AGAIN and when I do my locate shrine spell the butterflies just explode and I can't access the shine. So to recap I have no spell and it won't let me use the shrine to get it back. Any suggestions?

14th Sep 2009, 22:57
Use the Ice storm or lightning spell.

15th Sep 2009, 06:44
Try to load from the earlier checkpoint.