View Full Version : Pc being shipped now!

12th Sep 2009, 17:52
Hey guys,

Been around for a couple of weeks but haven't been signed coz i plain didn't feel the need to.

Anyway, i have ordered my copy from play.com and they have it in stock now.


Just to let you know so you can play a possible days earlier!!



12th Sep 2009, 19:09
They may have it in stock now but they won't post it until Tuesday at the very earliest next week I would have thought but it wouldn't hurt to order now so you don't miss out.

12th Sep 2009, 21:43
Its killing me, I was over my brothers house, and he has the PS3 version, btw OMG I watched only the first 2 mins, I had to ask him to turn it off.It was that killer! Rocksteady really rock the hell out of this title.But Guys its just killing me. just counting down the days til I pick up my copy from Best Buy. I already got the clerk over there jazzed too. He said the PS3 and 360 sold really well over there, when the launched. And pc version is expected to do the same..

Ace Antilles
13th Sep 2009, 01:05
I'm hoping that mine turns up Thursday. Then I can play it all evening and all Friday!

Hope these silly postal strikes don't mess things up. When my bro ordered Champions Online and another he didn't receive it until Saturday and 1 on Monday! :eek:

13th Sep 2009, 21:00
damn it i knew i should have ordered it from Play.... come on GAME get your copies

14th Sep 2009, 19:56
My order at Play.com is still in 'order placed' so their probably post so that it arrives on day of release.

14th Sep 2009, 20:03
is it Tuesday yet? :mad2: :nut: "Twiddles Thumbs - Plays the demo again"

15th Sep 2009, 17:27
GAME just sent me an email

I am delighted to let you know that your Preorder for Batman: Arkham Asylum (with GAME Exclusive Preorder Bonus) is now being processed subject to successful payment being taken from your credit card when it is dispatched. The order will be despatched by your chosen delivery method in time to reach you for the day of release.

By using the GAME 1st To Play Preorder Service you have ensured that you will be among the first people to receive Batman: Arkham Asylum (with GAME Exclusive Preorder Bonus), and we are confident that you will be happy with the order, our service and our speedy delivery!

Im so glad i have he whole weekend off to play this game.