View Full Version : Scarecrow Dream Nr 2 - Sounds Missing?

11th Sep 2009, 23:28
Hi there i have just yesterday started to finally play the game and i like it very much thus far. My favorite parts are the scarecrow dreams. I have just a little question: In Dresm two, you are using the Batclaw to get the two boxes down. Why is there no sound when the boxes hit the ground? There is a nice metallic sound when the claw hits the object and for the pulling but the boxes drop down completely soundless, which seems kinda strange considering the amazing detail that is everywhere within the game...

I have noticed that on the ps3-version, but this youtube video of the x-box version shows the same (@3:30):

It#s just a minor thing but still i wonder, or maybe there is even a good reason for that...

Batman The Trailer Hunter
12th Sep 2009, 05:09
Might be the Tv or its because it would just alert Crane and make it a little too hard

12th Sep 2009, 05:23
Its meant to not make a sound.

13th Sep 2009, 20:24
But why do i gett a sound from my grappler making contact with the box? Doesn't make sense... I don't need a big crushing noise but some subtle noise would have been appropriate..