View Full Version : Eidos is mean making me wait

11th Sep 2009, 17:25
At a minimum, mental anguish for having to wait these two weeks for the game. Having to avoid spoilers and reviews, not going anywhere near the game shops or gaming boards. With nothing but the sweet, sweet demo to play over and over again. Derivative suits may be filed by Jack Thompson if I go insane and start trying to hang upside down from gargoyles. The hundreds of hours logged in the demo will probably help his suit. Also, I think there's some compensation to be had for all of my ruined friendships. Now that I have to answer the phone from all friends who own a PS3/360 with "Don't mention the Batman game!!!!"

Seriously, days haven't gone by this slowly since I was a little kid waiting for Christmas. How is it only the 11th!?

Tuesday. So. Far. Away.

11th Sep 2009, 17:49
Jack Thompson got his license revoked and is no longer a lawyer.

11th Sep 2009, 18:00
Can the Mods please change the title of this thread...it's very misleading, AND quite unecessary...

11th Sep 2009, 18:14
Jack Thompson got his license revoked and is no longer a lawyer.

Did he? That's good news. I heard about the original revocation but hadn't heard anything about his appeal on it. Frankly, it took them longer than it should have.

11th Sep 2009, 21:01


11th Sep 2009, 22:08
renamed title to something a little more appropriate.