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10th Sep 2009, 04:13
This is a newbie type question, but I was curious about GFWL. Reading through the forums, it seems like there is alot of disdain/hate towards GFWL. Hopefully this is an innocuous question, but what is the big deal with GFWL and how will it affect my playing experience?

Is it only because GFWL is synonymous with Securom and therefore some combination of having to be online to play or having limited installs will be in play?

I'll be downloading the game off of Nzone (thanks to a new 260GTX). Will I have to do anything different to start playing once I finish downloading? I don't care about leader boards or rankings, but I do want to have access to DLC.


10th Sep 2009, 07:38
GFWL and Securom are not related at all.. GFWL is by Microsoft (hence most peoples lack of liking) Securom is by Sony and when badly implemented has been used to do things that just aint normal with games (restricting install numbers etc - hence peoples lack of liking)

But not all securom encryptions are the same, we dont restrict install usage on the disc versions etc

Nzone - i believe this is actually the steam version :)

10th Sep 2009, 17:05
It also mirrors the 360 interface which is big and clunky on a PC, Microsoft's lost a lot of credibility in the pc community with their virtual abandonment of the platform (Microsoft Gaming Studios is currently producing a grand total of zero pc titles, they shut down their internal Age of Empires and Microsoft Flight Simulator developers as well since those genres don't translate well to consoles).

It also has a competitor in the form of Steam which is pc native and developed by pc developer exemplar Valve.

I don't exactly hate it but I really don't care for it myself. While I do think Steam's a bit overrated I've certainly never had to try and install an update for it four times before it took (once from within a game on getting the "update availalbe message", twice from Windows update after that didn't seem to work, and finally just giving up - uninstalling it - and then downloading a fresh install file for the thing).