View Full Version : K&L does not like my gfx card

9th Sep 2009, 16:52
Kane and lynch does not like the ATI HD 4870 card I have. it hangs when I play, making it unplayable. I have tried low settings, usb unplug, dual core drivers, restore factory default drivers, BIOS setup. Basicly, ALOT of debugging.

I have only made it playable by changing to the Nvidia 7800 GT card(which is worse than the 4870, but it is playable) :mad2:

Seriously I must have done more debugging in 2 days than the guys who made this game have!! ARGH.

I think its a great game, I have tried it with a friend in coop its a shame it's been... left alone(supportwise, no patch).


Ive looked around here and found out thats its the 9.8 ATI drivers thats the fault.

Downgrading to 9.4 solved the issue. Thanks for all the help by community. Nice.