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8th Sep 2009, 00:06
I have been out and game shops and the greatest hero contest thing got me in to looking at recent video games. Got me into thinking about the marketing of TR games.

With TRU I thought all the leaked vids of Alison were incredible marketing. Alison totally has the Lara look and all the acrobatic moves too. She has stunning beauty and an edge that is so perfect for TR.

I don't think the marketers got everything right. Too much gameplay previews were released too early. The game cover design (and also in the banner at the top of the forum) was the worst bit. Too much of these grungy colours though the light/dark contrast is quite nice. The mud and colour on Lara dosn't show her in best light. The top half of Lara's head including eyes is missed off too. What is that all about? Didn't really capture that great vibe from vids of Alison. No where near as a good as the great look for the TRA box.

I would like too see more vibrancy, energy, beauty and edge in the way Lara and TR are marketed in the next TR. Not too much early gameplay released though. What do you think?

8th Sep 2009, 00:58
Lol I never Lara is missing the top of her head. That does seem a wierd thing to do.

8th Sep 2009, 01:07
Honestly, I love the TR:U forum skin, it's a lot better then the TR:A skin. The dark greens with black is beautiful, which inspires me to keep typing in the Olive color. Though, this is all in the matter of opinion.

12th Sep 2009, 01:01
TR has always been well marketed. I like the background colour here but I'm also kind of wondering why the top of Lara's head is missing on the game cover. Seems an unusual choice but maybe that's the point.

12th Sep 2009, 09:32
More covers like Anniversary would be nice... Underworld and Legend covers= fail IMO

Also i'd like to see gameplay in trailers. The launch trailer was epic and then we find out actual gameplay isn't like that :(

and I'd like information to be given that won't spoil anything. Eidos need to make sure TR9 isn't leaked. Everyone pretty much knew what Underworld was because the entire plot was all over the internet :(

14th Sep 2009, 16:44
As NatlaUnleashed said they need to keep a lid on things. Because everyone did know the plot near enough anyway. I mean it was my own fault really that I looked at the leaked cutscenes and information.

Then again I did learn from it! Right, so Uncharted 2 comes out soon and I'll buy like I did the first game, like I'll buy future TR's and future MGS's. But, I am not looking at anymore gameplay, I've looked at the odd bit here and there but not enough to spoil anything.

Anyway, something I always thought was stupid was having Natla's voice in that trailer, I think everyone knew it was Natla and not Amanda.