View Full Version : Running it using an ATI x1950 pro....poor!

7th Sep 2009, 19:52
Hi guys, im trying to run the game using an ati radeon x1950 pro card, and the graphics are pretty poor, really rough around the edges of characters, basically looking nothing like it should do, though the first video part is pretty impressive.

Is there anything i can do? I cant see any graphics options that i can change...seems odd for a pc game that you cant change resolution/quality etc!? or have i missed something?

Or is it the fact ive got an ati card and not nvidia that i cant run it properly without the physx drivers? Seems a bit crazy that only one card make will run the game if that is the case..?

Any help is appreciated

7th Sep 2009, 20:31
you can only change graphic settings from the game launcher which is really stupid. just locate the demo on your hd and go to the binaries folder and the bmlauncher.exe is in there. after you find it just make a shortcut for it on the desktop to make it easier.

8th Sep 2009, 09:11
XP - use the start menu and click Launcher
Vista - open the games menu, right click the game icon and click Launcher.