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7th Sep 2009, 18:56
This is already posted on another forum, but don't worry it's mine, i'm not a thief :)

Here it goes:

Lara's in the research boat, while suddenly a sea storm hits the boat and while it's happening Lara passes out, finally, some days after she wakes up on a somewhat strange island.

Soon she discovers that it is Japanese, since the island is full of trees with japanese letters written on it. (Lara should be thankful to know Japanese >_>)

Lara is very tired so she decides to catch some fallen tree leafs and make a bed out of it, and some woodsticks to make some fire so she doesn't sleep ''coldy''.

While she is trying to sleep, she listens to some strange and creepy noises, but she ignores it, and just tries to hide itself more on the handmade bed.

As soon as she wakes up, she listens to the strange creepy noises again, she tries to discover from where it comes, but when she thinks that she’s close to them, the noise begins to come from another place.

Finally Lara find where the voices came from, and she would found something corridor like with trees deliniating the path, she soons sees that each tree has it’s own letter, and all together makes:
Those Who Shall Pass This Point, Won't Come Out Alive…

Lara get’s super scared, so she gets back and finds some rocks to polish and make a knife like item.

As soon as she makes the ‘’knife’’ and comes back, she sees one of the little demons, she tries to contact it but nothing, she starts following him, and, suddenly, the little demon disapears…
Lara looks at her front and sees na giant statue with another demon like figure, and some ancient writing, to her , impossible to read, it looks like it’s a place to worship that demon…

So this is the beggining, but let’s just get to the main part of the story ;)

As soons as the days pass and Lara starts to understand what those anciet writings really means:
The war shall begin…

Basically Lara is in an ancient island where a war begin Gods and Demons is happening, little she knows that after discovering it, Lara IS now on the war.

First of all, let me introduce the Japanese Gods who make part of the game:


Susano'o (kanji: 須佐之男; katakana: スサノオ; romanized as Susanoo, Susa-no-O and Susanowo), also known as Susano'o Mikoto (kanji: 須佐之男命; katakana: スサノオミコト) is the Shinto god of the sea and storms.

Susano’o is the God who brought Lara to the island, maybe he tought that her personality and etc could bring an end to the war.

Fūjin (風神)

Also known as Kami-no-Kaze, he is the Japanese god of the wind and one of the eldest Shinto gods, said to be present at the creation of the world. He is often depicted as an oni with a bag slung over his back.

Basically Fujin is another of the gods who think that Lara can really begin na end to the war, he will help her using the wind to make some of the buried tombs and sanctuaries appear.

Izanagi (伊弊諾 or 伊邪那岐)

The forefather of the gods, he is the first male as well as the god of creation and life. He and his wife, Izanami, were responsible for the birth of the islands of Japan and many kami, though she died in childbirth. Later, after his failed attempt to retrieve her from the underworld, he sired Amaterasu, Susano and Tsukuyomi.

Izanagi is the God who created this island, that is slowly been taking away from him by the Demons.

Izanami (伊弉冉 or 伊邪那美)

Izanagi's wife and sister, she is the first female as well as the goddess of creation and death. She died shortly after the birth of Kagu-tsuchi, and Izanagi followed her to the underworld, but failed to bring her back to the living world. A marital spat between the pair caused the cycle of life and death for all living beings.

Even tough she’s in the underworld, it was because her fault that the Gods’ item was lost.

Now for the demons, well, after Izanami accidentally lost the Gods’ Item, a mystical item who has the power to give the Gods power to whoever uses it, the Demons would get it and get each God power.

Susano’o Devil.

Susanoo’s devil had like him, is the DEVIL of the Sea and storms, so Lara’s life should be on the centre of the island, far from the seas, because Susanoos’ devil can make another sea storm, instantly killing her and removing her from the island, thus, never completing the task of stoping the War.

Fūjin Devil

Fūjin Devil, just like him, is the DEVIL of the winds, he can make more storms, burying the soon discovered sanctuaries and etc, thus making Lara getting stuck on it, or not entering it and needed another way to get out from there, and the storms could also make heavy or sharp object hitting Lara, like rocks, and tree's dry leafs, instantly killing her.

Izanagi Devil. (The End)

This is the main Devil, it is asleep tough, do to it’s apocalyptic habilities. This one could cause every Japan Island disapear and having the power to devour the world, then spitting it but making it a darker planet without Gods,basically the Gods are trying to burying/destroying the Devil’s sanctuary, and the Devil’s trying to uncover it / reconstructing it and activate it.

The Devil’s sanctuary is the final level of the game, this is the place where the Devils can awake Izanagi Devil aka The End, this making him eat the world and spitting it.

Almost on the end of the game ( a loooong game plz) Lara should now have another Godly hand who could make her open the path to the Devils Sanctuary.
And she must have too the Godly ankle, the only item that can destroy the Devil’s sanctuary, making all demons disapearing and impossibilitating the world dark end.
Almost on the end, Lara needs to use the Gods hand to open the path to the Devil Sanctuary, a loong place with lots of traps, where one wrong step could make you go to the beggining of the path.

Lara finally meets the Devil’s sanctuary, while there, she has 3 rooms, each one containing each Devil, she must fight them in order to unlock the Final Door, who will lead her to the place where she will use the God Ankle to destroy the devils.

After using it, Lara will finally destroy the devils and end the war between the Devils and Gods.

Suddenly, she passes out and wakes up in a rather bright room with golden decorations.
The Izanagi should talk to her thanking her for the help she gave them to them, and that she saved the world, a rather big making.
He should giving her an Golden brooch that she now uses in her pockets.

After this they could make a cutscene with Lara after Underworld, remembering this and taking the brooch from her pocket and looking at it.


Phew, it took me too much time, what do you think?

Thanks for watching this biig game main story.

What do you think of it?

You can give your ideas too ;)


7th Sep 2009, 19:32
That's a very interesting story Cookie, thanks for posting. And hi! :wave: :)
It reminds me a bit of Alien vs Predator.

7th Sep 2009, 20:00
That's a very interesting story Cookie, thanks for posting. And hi! :wave: :)
It reminds me a bit of Alien vs Predator.

Thank you very much :friends:

:O I never saw Alien VS Predator so I didn't knew it, I'm not really into movies :P
But thanks :)

Lara's Stalker
19th Sep 2009, 06:04
That is excellent! You are very good at making plot outlines. If only there were a way to send ideas like to CD? If there is I want to know.

24th Sep 2009, 18:42
That is excellent! You are very good at making plot outlines. If only there were a way to send ideas like to CD? If there is I want to know.

Aww thank you :flowers:

I would like to know if I could send it to CD too tough :D