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5th Sep 2009, 23:51
This is a problem that recently just came out of nowhere on another game. Now this one is doing it too. The other game was "Brothers In Arms".

Well, the demo is doing it, and because of that I'm afraid to buy the game because I dont want to waste the money and have the screen spinning on me.

After the Joker breaks free and Batman jumps down on the floor to fight the baddies, the screen just starts spinning like I'm rotating the camera around in a circle. I have no idea what is doing it. I unplugged the mouse and keyboard and it still does it. Plus, BIA and the Batman: AA Demo, are the only two games its ever done it. And I do anything from FPS, to flight sims. So I do a bit of everything.

Has anyone ever heard of this problem? I dont even know how to type it up to do a search on the internet for a possible fix.

The graphics look great, thats why I want to play it on PC. I just rented it two days ago for my 360 and beat it...its fun, but I want to play it on the PC. I prefer PC gaming.

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6th Sep 2009, 00:50
This glitch usually happens in games when you have a joystick/gamepad connected to the PC, or connected it before.

This happens in many games, such as Dead Space. Proof: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/32619.page

Try removing such devices (also try removing all other usb devices you have connected to the PC except KB + mouse) and uninstalling the drivers/software that came with them, and it should be fixed.

Or, your PC is infected with a keylogger or something like that. In that case try scanning your PC with antimalware programs.

6th Sep 2009, 21:04
Thanks alot bud, I appreciate that. I will try it.