View Full Version : physx,dx10 and aa with ati cards

5th Sep 2009, 18:42
with vista or windows 7 click start,where it says search for programs and files type


when windows finds it click on it a notepad with variables comes up

change physxlevel=0 to1

change allow d3d10=false to true

as for aa im not sure but try

change multisamples=1 to =16

save the file and load game you should see a difference but you system will take a big hit

you could try higher numbers with detail mode and effects levels see if it improves

5th Sep 2009, 19:06
leave the multisampling as 1 it dosent work,but with the other 2 settings you should see a lot more particle effects plus extra cobwebs n such.

its now looking like the ps3 version.

The Coca Cola Company
6th Sep 2009, 01:04
None of these work:

Multisampling doesn't work, since the game checks if you have an nvidia card because they implemented an nvidia solution to AA filtering (UE3 originally didn't support AA but nowadays there are ways to bypass this restriction). It should be noted that if you fool the game that your ati card is an nvidia card, it works.

D3D10 doesn't work since there aren't any dx10 shaders.

PhysX option can easily be configured through the loader. (There's value "2" as well, that enables PhysX effects of even higher quality, but as I said it's best to use the loader)

PS3 version looks worse anyway, since it has lower framerate, possibly lower resolution textures and at least one effect (ambient occlusion) is absent from that version.

7th Sep 2009, 19:49
Hi, how do you mean use the loader?! My game is really pixilated and rough around the edges of characters, nothing like what the videos look like...im using an ati radeon x1950 pro card...

The Coca Cola Company
7th Sep 2009, 20:36
Yes use the loader to configure the graphics. Your card is kinda old, but it should perform okay with medium to High graphics and minimal filtering..