View Full Version : Theme Tune

5th Sep 2009, 09:59
Does anyone else think that the theme tune sounds a bit james bond'ish? :scratch::scratch:

5th Sep 2009, 11:30
Oh yes, absolutely. Considering you play a role in the game that James Bond himself would probably be very envious of I think its a good theme to convey for the game.

6th Sep 2009, 02:50
yah of course cause rico like bond is an agent/ spy person... but the jc2 theme is a way more arcadey to be honest i kinda liked the old theme from jc1 :)

6th Sep 2009, 03:02
I don't remeber the jc1 theme. This one is good tho but its not the song that sells the game

6th Sep 2009, 03:31
We'll probably only hear it in the main menu anyway, and maybe in a few cutscenes, but either way I think it fits nicely.