View Full Version : The PC Demo is My Favorite Game

4th Sep 2009, 21:38
OK, this is really weird. I'm playing the freakin' demo over and over... particularly the last part, just to see how many ways I can find and take down the thugs. It's a tiny, tiny demo and I'm playing it like it was an entire game. I'm logging onto Steam twice a day to check to see if "magically" they pushed back the release date. The last time something like this happened was in 1977, when I fell so in love with the Star Wars trailer that I decided it was my favorite movie before I actually saw it.

I want this game so bad, it makes me sick.

4th Sep 2009, 22:44
Your not the only one brother, I've played through at least 50 times now testings settings, costumes, and experimenting with gameplay tactics.

5th Sep 2009, 13:20
I've just discovered how fun it is to bang a goon's head in a ledge rail and drag him down, also I like to string up people from gargoyles.

tis crazy, but i traded in Killzone 2 today to get the money to buy Batman: Arkham Asylum. I didn't like KZ2 so much anyhow, Batman ftw!

9th Sep 2009, 18:20
I'm there myself, getting sadistic glee from tormenting the guys in the last room with batarangs and leading them around on merry goose chases... can hardly wait for the full game.

12th Sep 2009, 05:00
I'm right there with you. I don't think I've quite reached 50, but I've played the Xbox360 demo about 5 times, and the PC demo around 15 times. So I guess I'm around 20.

So sad that the PC version was pushed back, my vacation from work happened on launch day for 360. I had 10 days off, I had to resist so hard from buying the Xbox 360 version.

I am going crazy with anticipation for this fine game, I decided to select the PC version because I recently upgraded my hardware and it does look a bit enchanced from the Xbox 360, although don't get me wrong the Xbox 360 version looks mighty fine.

So stupid that this game releases on a Tuesday, which means I have to wait even another week basically to play it. I can only play on weekends really due to work obligations. Although game releases are often on Tuesday so I'm not surprised, just annoyed. :(