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4th Sep 2009, 20:13
The only level this is really possible on is the first (replaying), but you are seen without choice by a friendly person.
I've done this level 3 times now without being seen by any enemies and still have not unlocked the achievement, it's the only achievement I have left.

I was trying on the first castle level, but somehow enemies can see you through walls and bridges.

Anyone got a clue what the deal with this is?

And what's the point of possessing animals when the enemies instantly know you're the animal if they see you?

8th Sep 2009, 16:39
I doubt that's possible. The part of the bridge has no go-around to it, plus the whole thing is in broad daylight. If anyone can specify any clues on how to do it, would be awesome

EDIT: Maybe smoke-bomb your way? You'd need alot of those

8th Sep 2009, 20:08
This is kind of going to be lengthy, so prepare yourself a bit.

First of all, you will need to beat the game (or at least until the point to where you get the spell) and have the Camouflage Ninjitsu. Second, have a lot of "Flask of strong ginseng" with you. You'll be popping those potions like this was some kind of MMO. Thirdly, you will want a "Essence of the fish" (maybe you can do it without, but my way works without a doubt). Fourth, this level takes place on "Great River Canyon."

The difficulty you play this on won't matter.

When you start the level, have your Camo and Ginseng ready in your quick slots. You will follow a path to a Tengu. I'm not sure if him seeing you counts, don't risk it. Go Camo and sneak past him. You will then follow a pathway where there is a small army at the beginning of the bridge. Before you get there, pop that Ginseng whilst in Stealth Mode in the grass below. Go into Camo and sneak past them (make sure you don't bump into them). Following that path up, you will come across 3 Spearmen. Go to the corner right before that area, whilst hidden pop another Ginseng and get back into that Camo. Go to the RIGHT of the Spearmen (the one on the far right is facing left, level designer might have done this on purpose for this level) and hug the wall around them.

At this point, you will see a small patrol. Just hug the wall and go past them again. Eventually you will come upon a bridge with 2 archers marching back and forth... you're doomed... just kidding. Go to the left and there is a little pathway. Look down. See those rocks? You will want to be on the other side of those (facing them to the right). Pop that "Essence of fish" I told you about and flop your way into the water (may take a few moments to flop your way off the edge) and swim your little fishy ninja self to the point where you can't swim anymore. From that point, get into your ninja hat boat and paddle your way to the end (do not make any stops, just keep going). Once you reach the end, drag yourself ashore and walk to the end.

Trophy/achievement (I'm a PS3 player, so it was a trophy) will pop up once you cross the finish line. Hope that helps. :wave:

10th Sep 2009, 22:33
I suggest you to do it in the level 4. Past the Tengu, go in the water and reach the waterfalls. Proceed to the hidden path that leads to the shrine. Cross the waterfall. Continue on the hidden path until the second bridge. Jump between the bridge and the rocks that are in the water. Then, just continue using your boat without going too close of the samurai camp.