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4th Sep 2009, 01:15
bout what settings will I be able to put arkham asylum on my computer which is running
e8400 dual core 3.0ghz and 4gb ram and vista 64bit ultimate and nvidia 275 gtx videocard 1gb? just an idea dont have the graphic card yet thats why im asking.


4th Sep 2009, 02:19
what res?? very high settings and high physx at 1920x1080 would easily get you about 35-45fps during heavy action and about 45-55fps during the rest of the game . btw the gtx275 is 896mb not 1gb.

4th Sep 2009, 02:32
Whoa I don't even understand PC talk, hehe.

4th Sep 2009, 04:16
thanks ya your right bout the 896mb. the resolution would be 1360 x 768. how many frames bout with that get me?
thanks again

4th Sep 2009, 04:30
thanks ya your right bout the 896mb. the resolution would be 1360 x 768. how many frames bout with that get me?
thanks again I would certainly not buy a gtx275 for such a tiny resolution. anyway at that res you will get a few more fps than the numbers I listed. that is a very cpu bound res so in some games you wont see a huge improvement at 1360x768 then you would at 1680 or even 1920 in some cases.

4th Sep 2009, 09:50
Thats is a tiny res, but the card matches the hardware well enough, I'd look at the 260's that include the game for a little cheaper, your still going to be in the same boat till you get a larger screen, but really, if his rig can handle it, the way some of thses deals are including the game he's going to buy and rebates, the cost of a GTX260 is maybe $10-$30 more than a 9800GT in some cases, thats big upgrade for chump change, that could eaily become useful with a simple display upgrade.

Just be sure your PSU can handle the card you put in it, a quality brand and build is essential, a $35 800 watter will probablly give you tons of grief early on, while a $$60- $75 500-600 will keep your rig running trouble free. Quality is impoertant on a PSU, as is the @'s on the 12V railf for the GTX200's 36 amps would be the bare minimum, I'd shoot for 40 or higher if possible for longevity. NOTE If the PSU came with your case, its usually garbage and should be replaced, so if you do go for a monsterish card, make some budget room for the PSU if you havent sone so already. The PSU is the heart of your rig, if you a cheapo , it may run fine, for a little while, then you may start getting odd slowdowns, shutdown, lockups etc and think other hardware is faulty, in rare instances a poor overloaded PSU can have catastropic failure and take out components such as video cards, motherboards, cpu etc...as well as be a fire hazard...

PSU ratings arent regualted, you want a trusted name and rating done at load, a cheap psu rated for 800 watts could easily have been tested in a freezer...under real world conditions, you'd be lucky to get a solid 1/3 of that rating. A ffew quality yet affordablwe brands are corsair, OCZ, BFG, my personal favoraite makes Are PC power and cooling, seasonic, and silverstone, they may cost a little more, but to me thy are worth it.

4th Sep 2009, 10:21
thanks guys helped a ton!

4th Sep 2009, 13:19
Hey Iceman, you brought up a point that is something I have been trying to figure out for a while and am hoping you might be able to answer.

I am thinking about upgrading my video card to a 260 GTX (up from an 8800GTS) so that I can run both AA and PhysX at the same time. The recommendation for the 260GTX is a 500W PSU minimum. I currently only have a 450W PSU, but was curious if that would be sufficient. Most of the power consumption tests I have found online for the 260GTX seem to indicate that it really only draws a couple more watts than my 8800GTS, and generally those numbers never peak over 300W.

Any opinions?

My CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Conroe 2.66GHz 4M shared L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor

PSU: FSP Group SAGA+ 450R 450W ATX12V

MB: ASUS P5K LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel



I currently get around 35-40 fps in the first room in the demo with PhysX on normal, 20-30 with physX on high (AA off) and 20-30 with PhysX off and AA at 4x. From most of posts, it seems that with a 260GTX and a similar rig, people are able to run PhysX high and AA 2-4x. I run in 1650 also. Would you agree that I should expect this type of performance with the upgrade?

4th Sep 2009, 14:40
Depends on the 450, if its a PCP&C with enough amperage it could probably handle it okay, if its a generic mostlikely not. I'm using an ANTEC true power 550 which is a rebadged seasonic with 38@ on the 12V rails (split rails) and its worked fine for a long time (this PSU is on its third and final build) but I feel its just barely sufficent for my rig . NV reccomends a minimum of 36@on the +12V rail

After looking up your PSU


Your +12V is only 31@, remember the 12V rail(s)supplies power to the most demanding components including the processor, hard drives, optical drives, card readers, cooling fans and graphics card etcs. All of these items draw a lot of current and if there isnt enough to go around.....you got a big expensive brick. Personally I would factor in a new PSU with the vid card, especially if you use multiple optical,hard drives, or both. I've read the original 192 core GTX 260 can pull about 24-26@'s alone at load....that only leaves you with 5-7 amps for everything else.....

For the last part of the question, I dont know my framratte cause I dont really care as long as the game runs fluid, but on the demo I run 1680x1050 with everything maxed 16xQAA and 16X AF forced in the CP (big improvement) and demo runs flawlessly for me. Your performnce with the card will be less because of your CPU, tests show the standard clocked original GTX260 starts becoming CPU bound below 3.5-3.6 GHZ on a kentsfield quad core , I run an E8400 dual core 6MB cache at 4.05GHZ

4th Sep 2009, 15:04
Thanks for the response iceman.

The PSU is listed as having: +12V1@14A, +12V2@13A. Are you adding 2-4 amps because it is a dual rail instead of single rail?

4th Sep 2009, 22:31
Actually I'd been up way too long and read the max OVP ratings of 15.5 for each rail as the actual OP rating.

Brand FSP Group
Model SAGA+ 450R
Type ATX12V
Maximum Power 450W

Over Voltage Protection +3.3V (4.6V max.), +5V (6.5V max.), 12V1 (15.5V max.), 12V2 (15.5V max.)

27@ is even scarier, I'd look around for one with 40+ min , the PSU can be transfered to multiple builds so going big as long as it works wiith your case and budget isnt a bad place to go overkill, also a highly efficient 700 watter could easily lower your electric bill compared to an inefficent 300 watter, PSU 's draw only the current they need only when they need it, so no worries there, not saying you need one that big, but a nice robust 500-650 with a big rail(s) would be ideal

The stickies here are very good reads and should answer most if not all future questions you may have