View Full Version : When is this game going to be available?

2nd Sep 2009, 22:21
First it was in July, then Aug 25, then Sept 15th now Sept 18th. Crap! Why not release it till Christmas, I hate when game makers do this. ITS DISCOURAGING! My pc is ready. I'm ready. Why does it keep geting pushed back??!!!!!!:confused:

Ace Antilles
2nd Sep 2009, 22:53
Sept 15th in the USA
Sept 18th in the UK

2nd Sep 2009, 23:13
The trailer you pposted just said 18'th. I'm hoping that was just a UK trailer. That said, the wait is killing me, BUT, in the grand scheme I'd wait another 6months if it meant a vastly improved playing experience. I have a couple friends that have already beaten the console versions and make fun of me for waiting for the PC....one of them came over the other day and after playing the demo on my rig, no longer makes fun of me.