View Full Version : Why Steam version is not multilanguage?

2nd Sep 2009, 16:04
Hi all, after checking Steam page for Batman Arkhan Asylum


I have noticed that it has English language only. I have dowloaded the Steam demo and it's English only. The standalone demo (I think I got it from FilePlanet) has Spanish voice and text.

Why this limitation on Steam version?. Yes, I know retail version is cheaper and bla bla bla, but I'm curious. Other Eidos games like Tomb Raider Underworld, Legend and Anniversary support Spanish on Steam (I have them all), what has happened with Batman?

8th Sep 2009, 10:55
Hi friend.

The Batman of Steam is Multilanguage and I play the demo on Spanish voices too, but you have to change manually the option. I don't undestand why eidos do this...

In the archive BmEngine.ini in the save folder at my documents open the archive and found in [Engine.Engine] the line of the language=int and change to language=esn and save.

I did the same to play UT3 and it works.

8th Sep 2009, 11:09
Looking into this now for you. I've got the steam version running on my machine here..

8th Sep 2009, 15:12
Speaking of the Steam version (THREAD HIJACK IN PROGRESS!) does it use SecuROM? Valve's webpages are always a little iffy on informing folks of 3rd party DRM in their 3rd party games.

9th Sep 2009, 09:58
Looking into this now for you. I've got the steam version running on my machine here..

I've just managed to have a look as well. It seems that Steam have made the installation automatic using the following path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\batman arkham asylum - demo

You'll have to get in touch with Steam to find out why they removed the language choice.

9th Sep 2009, 10:13
Am working with Steam to ensure they make it clearer how to change language etc.

12th Sep 2009, 00:39
Would like Steam to allow installs to a partition of choice and not just the default where Steam itself is installed. Most of my Steam games are not installed cos my partition is not large enough to hold them all and yet have heaps of space on other partitions. Epic fail Valve!

The Coca Cola Company
12th Sep 2009, 03:46
Then why don't you install steam to another partition?

12th Sep 2009, 05:24
admin i have a question can i set the language to english and the subtitles to spanish?