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2nd Sep 2009, 13:46
This may be a bit of a plug but it's very LoK relevant.


There's a vote on for the "Greatest videogame hero of all time" contest at Gamespot and Raziel is one of the sixty heroes in the mix. That's hugely prestigious in itself and says a lot about Legacy of Kain (do you hear me Square), but now he actually has to go up against the rest of the console icons. The challenger is Donkey Kong, and - like Nameless One or Manny - Raziel will probably lose on the basis of his opponent's popularity, but we might as well make sure he goes down swinging.

I'm not sure exactly when the voting on the latter-end heroes will begin, but the other half is well underway, so definitely soon. In the meantime you can comment there and try to convince the undecided (in a civil way :p).

Anyway, if you have an account there please vote him in when the "round" gets going. In spite of the odds, it'd be nice to see him defeat that accursed monkey.

2nd Sep 2009, 17:30
See his discription:

No fury like a vampire scorned
He was once a lieutenant of the evil vampire Kain until Raziel did the unthinkable--he evolved wings sooner than Kain did.

A bit odd isn't it? :scratch:

and this:

Elder gods, heed my call
While Raziel may have lost his physical form, he can now contact Elder Gods and shift from one plane of existence to another.

Amateurs :rasp:

2nd Sep 2009, 18:33
Voting has started...already done mine :D

9th Sep 2009, 14:32
Damn we lost AGAIN http://uk.gamespot.com/greatest-video-game-hero/standings/index.html :mad2:

9th Sep 2009, 17:44
Just had a quick look and the whole thing is ridiculous. There is no sensible system for the opponent line ups and the voting seems based on who is better known. You can get a number 1 this way but runners up would be a mess with interesting characters being eliminated quickly and well known but dull ones clinging on for dear life.
Anyone interested in this type of competition may as well just list their 10 personal favourite heroes/characters right here.
From the competitors in the list I would go for (in no particular order) -

Raziel. Though I prefer Kain (better sense of humour).
Guybrush Threepwood. Who else can hold their breath for ten minutes?
The Prince. Has fun monologues in SoT and dialogues in tTT.
Nathan Drake. Defeated by Pikachu?!? Ridiculous.
Wander. Not chatty but he sure can ride a horse.
Snake. Best father and son clone wheelbarrow race team since the Fetts.
Manny Calavera. Suavest soul in the land of the dead.
Jade. There's just something about photographers who can raise the dead.
Jak and Daxter. Wisecracking, breakdancing, orange ferret {and his sidekick}.
Sackboy. OK so Stephen Fry's smooth introduction won me over.

10th Sep 2009, 03:57
Might as well list my favorite video game characters.
Not in any real order though, just what comes to mind.

Samus from the Metroid games.
Raziel from... duh.
Raiden from the Metal Gear games (well, I haven't played MGS4 yet, but I actually really thought he was interesting in MGS2)
Solid Snake from the Metal Gear games.
Moebius. That guy is just so cool. Well until he becomes a moron in Defiance.
The Arbiter was really cool in Halo 2, but then they had to water him down in Halo 3 because I guess they realized that he was way cooler than Master Chief could ever be and had way more character to him.
Lynx from Chrono Cross! That guy is so cool. One of the best video game antagonists I've ever seen.

Well, that's all that I can think of right now.

10th Sep 2009, 17:01
In perspective, Raziel scoring 30% against Donkey Kong is pretty amazing, considering that J&D for example lost to a far less iconic character. If he'd been up against someone in the same league (that is, characters with an actual story), like Nameless One for instance, he'd surely have won out.

Also, when I finally voted Raziel (by clicking on the Big Blue Button emblazoned with an encouraging VOTE NOW!!!), the vote ended up in Donkey Kong's pile. The contest appears to be either rigged or bugged.

Nathan (Amy's other character) also performed excellently, when you point out that he's appeared in only one game while Pikachu's had, what, thirty or so.

10th Sep 2009, 18:13
Nathan Drake may have only one game to Pikachu's thirty but that does not change the fact that ND is a well rounded, realistic human character and Pikachu is a one worded, one dimensional cutesy yellow rat. This poll is like the X-factor (and all of Simon Callow's rubish) - Popularity over depth.

10th Sep 2009, 18:43
Which is hopefully what I managed to imply.