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1st Sep 2009, 19:44
Hey everyone,

Just 2 more weeks before us pc gamers can finally play this game:D

I noticed something while playing the demo that maybe some of you had already noticed but i did'nt untill now. I started playing the demo for the 1000.000 time, (gotta love this game:thumb:) Anyway when I got to the part where Batman tells Oracle that Jokers enemies have taken control of the Prisoner cell block trasfer corridor, I noticed that there was a rip in batman's suid, the thing is that none of the enemies had bin able to hit me, let alone cut me, so that means that its a bug? or maybe its a later part in the game right after a boss fight, maybe against zzash? I mean he has knifes after all,:eek::D

and another thing, when you go after zzash, right before you grapple up to the gorgoyles, to your right is the docter, now when you speak to her she asks you how a patient like zzash got free, After you take him down wait a while and you can talk to her again, she will tell you another story and batman gives her advice with reference to harly

Maybe some of you already new this but those who didn't now have a reason to play the demo again.

See yah;)

1st Sep 2009, 21:45
I think if you take ZasZ down from a Glide Kick with PhysX enabled the tiles can hit Batman. I had the same thing happen to me after not being hit, and I put it down to that.

1st Sep 2009, 22:13
I think the damage, at least in the demo is scripted, IE not caused by any particular action,as you progress, you simply look more and more haggared ....I think thats how the games gonna work as well, no real time damage except maybe in a prerendered cutscene to give the effect of real time.

1st Sep 2009, 22:14
yeah but I don't have physics enabled since my video card doesn't support it. So like I said its probably happens after an intense boss fight. anyway this game really rocks, I just delivered a trippel glide kick, just keeps getting better and better:D

1st Sep 2009, 23:19
There was an explosion right next to you when you go in the vent, perhaps that's the cause?

James Michaletos
3rd Sep 2009, 10:31
Yeah! Batman's suit becomes more and more damaged as you proceed the game!

3rd Sep 2009, 11:35
I think that`s just to show you that Batman's suit is gonna get damaged in the game. In the full game the suit won't damage so quickly.

the pc knight
3rd Sep 2009, 14:01
i think thats that that cut was in the story script, but it definatly wont take damage every 2 min. It will probably take scripted damage as the story evolves. OH GOD, i frigin want this game

3rd Sep 2009, 14:56
You can get beaten nearly to death by the first round of goons, finish them off, and you'll still be pristine. The slash on the chest ALWAYS happens after the explosion in the vent, its scripted, as I think all the damage will be in the game.