View Full Version : Game does not run on Mac - WindowsXP

1st Sep 2009, 19:32
Hello everyone,

I downloaded the 2gb demo on my super slow internet connection and now the game refuses to run :'(

I have Windows XP installed on Mac (only for games!) and the config is Intel 2.4ghz Core 2 Duo / 2gig RAM / Nvidia 8600m GT.

While installing the game, microsoft .NET framework gave an 'unhandled exception' error. I ignored the error and continued with the installation. Now, when I try to start the game, it says 'ShippingPC-BmGame.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.'

I tried googling for a solution and also saw a similar post on this board. No luck so far :(

Thanks & Regards,
Rahul K.

6th Sep 2009, 00:32
Just wanted to inform everyone that the game is running awesome after installing the latest drivers for my graphics card - nvidia 8600m gt.

I should have tried this earlier... but was just not sure, whether the nvidia drivers are same for Windows on Mac. I was of the understanding that only drivers supplied in Bootcamp package are valid. :rolleyes:

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read.

6th Sep 2009, 00:36
Ok just know you prob won't run everything at 100% so if you run the game ok on medium be happy hehe ;D.